Mediation is an established means of settling disputes and is an effective alternative to court proceedings.   It is also referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR.  Almost all medium to large firms of lawyers now have ADR departments.

What is Mediation?

What is the role of a mediator?

The mediator is trained in dispute resolution and will act as a chairman/referee/facilitator without passing judgement on either the participants or the merits of their arguments.  He or she must be totally impartial.

Why Mediate?

  • It is inexpensive compared with Court proceedings.

  • It is much quicker than Court proceedings.

  • The process is entirely voluntary.

  • Confidentiality.  Nothing said may be repeated outside or in Court.

  • It is without prejudice. Nothing said or done may be used in Court as evidence.

  • Resolution is consensual.

  • The agreement is binding once the participants have signed up to it.